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Camilo Villavicencio Garrido

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Stafford Beer: POSIWID

enero 14, 2020 — Camilo Villavicencio

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According to the cybernetician the purpose of a system is what it does. This is a basic dictum. It stands for bald fact, which makes a better starting point in seeking understanding than the familiar attributions of good intention, prejudices about expectations, moral judgment or sheer ignorance of circumstances.

Stafford Beer, octubre de 2001.

Contexto: Stafford Beer coined and frequently used the term POSIWID (the purpose of a system is what it does) to refer to the commonly observed phenomenon that the de facto purpose of a system is often at odds with its official purpose.

Extraído de: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/StaffordBeer#citenote-14

Tags: software